August 20, 2019 Meeting Minutes

VCC Board Meeting 

August 20, 2019

Attendees:   Pastor Nick Dimmick, Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Elizabeth Serraino, Michael Brunswick, Trudy Koverman, Kelly Voisard and Rick Fennell.   

Beth provided the following recap of our financials as of July:

  • July total collections were $12,313 versus a budget of $13,467.  YTD total collections are $86,071 versus a budget of $88,209, ($2,138) below budget.
  • July total expenses were $12,410 versus a budget of $16,011.  YTD expenses are $88,307 versus a budget of $117,900, $29,593 below budget.
  • July net loss of ($97) versus a budget net loss of ($2,544).  YTD net loss of ($2,236) versus a budget of ($29,691), $27,455 below budget.
  • We incurred an expense of $2,900 for elevator repair and maintenance.  Outreach provided a loan of $1,000 to a church member in need.  The amount is being paid back on a monthly basis.  We moved the balance of $12,874.07 from VSL to the Second National Bank Savings account.  There are no other significant items of note.

Next the MTLs provided their monthly reports (see below).

Adult Ministries Team (MTL – Vacant)

60-Days Past Accomplishments (June 19 – August 20)

  • Summer lunchtime Bible Study of Ephesians that ran from 26 June – 31 July at the church.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Outpost Groups forming and scheduled to start in October.
  • Setting-up a Parenting Class to run for four weeks, one night a week, this fall.

Facilities Team (MTL – Michael Brunswick)

60-Days Past Accomplishments (June 19 – August 20)

  • Repaired a leak in one of the parsonage bathrooms but now the wall needs repaired.

Three-Month Look-Ahead 

  • Obtain quotes for the flat roof replacement; present to the congregation on 9/22 for approval to move forward.
  • Fix the nursery door and woman’s bathroom door from sticking.
  • Obtain quotes to address water from getting inside the church basement.

Outreach Team (MTL – Janelle Koverman)

60-Days Past Accomplishments (June 19 – August 20)

  • In July two members of the church traveled to Nebraska to assist a local church w/ repairs from the spring floods. 

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Back-to-School Teachers Lunch (23 Aug)
  • Bottles-for-Babies (September)
  • Foster Care Project (Oct/Nov)
  • Duffle Bags for the Seeds of Hope (November)
  • Gift Project for a selected Organization (December)

Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

60-Days Past Accomplishments (June 18 – August 20)

  • Unfortunately lost three greeting teams as well as two singers from the Praise Team.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Adding another member to the sound booth team; a second individual is considering it.
  • Looking to fill the greeting teams back up.

Youth Team (MTL Kelly Voisard)

60-Days Past Accomplishments (June 18 – August 20)

  • Currently 24 kids, four more than last year, are slated to head to Scioto Hills on 24 June.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Kid’s Club is adding another helper while several current members are being moved to grow their skill-set and provide greater flexibility/effectiveness of the staff.
  • 180 will be starting on 8/4, the first week after the start of school.

Upcoming Events:

8/22 Betty Hole Funeral

8/23 Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

8/25  Emmaus Discussion

9/4  180 resumes

9/8  Kid’s Club resumes

9/8  Baptisms and Church Picnic

9/14  Versailles Bicentennial Celebration

9/22  Membership Class 1

9/29  Membership Class 2

10/6  Membership Class 3

10/20  Child Dedication Class

10/27  Membership Sunday

11/10 Child Dedication Sunday

Next Board Mtg:  September 17, 2019