August 21, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Versailles Christian Church 8/21/2018 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Board Members in Attendance:

Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Kelly Voisard, Trudy Koverman, Christina Riffell, Beth Serraino

Financial Discussion:

Church’s visa credit card is currently in Deb’s name. It was decided by the board to close this account, and a debit card will be opened for church use.

Due to David’s resignation, he will need to be removed as an authorized user of the church bank accounts.

Elders to discuss replacement for this at the next Elder meeting

Action Items/Follow-up:

Nick Ellis repaired roof. Roof checked during rain, no leaking seen.

May need to vent chimney to help eliminate odor in dishwasher room.

Working on a/c options for parsonage. Also evaluating duct work. Russel to work on this.

AED has arrived at the church. Training to be determined.

Women’s retreat at Scioto Hills planned for September 14 – 16. Janelle Brunswick to help coordinate.

Coming Up:

Baptism/Church picnic September 9. Women’s Retreat September 14 – 16.