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Versailles Christian Church is a conservative, reformed, evangelical congregation seeking to reach our rural community for Christ.  We believe God is leading us to hire an Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship to help us better become a church that is growing UP, IN, and Out for the glory of God, the good of His people, and the growth of His kingdom.  

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This is a full-time pastoral position with primary responsibilities in the areas of youth and worship ministry.  The balance between these and other church responsibilities is fluid in accordance with the needs of the church, gifts and passions of the Associate Pastor, and the leading of God.  We are more concerned about who you are than what specifically you will do.  After going through the necessary processes, you will serve as an elder in a culture of plurality. 


  • A growing, mature believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who meets the qualifications of elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Young guys, we recognize that your age may make this difficult.  Does your character meet the criteria for an elder?
  • In agreement with the beliefs, Constitution, and By-Laws of VCC 
  • Understanding of and willingness to serve within the doctrinal commitments of VCC
  • Has pastoral gifts, a pastoral calling, and a pastoral commitment; convinced that:

* He has been given by the Holy Spirit the gift of pastor-teacher
* He has been called by God vocationally to the pastoral ministry
* Has had his pastor-teacher gift confirmed corporately by a local body of believers
* Has a deep love and concern for people: genuinely committed to giving himself to
meeting the needs of others 

  • A calling to the unique challenges and opportunities of rural / small town ministry
  • Has a team concept of ministry and leadership; communicates well and works well with others 
  • Good organizational abilities 
  • Good counseling abilities 
  • Good leadership abilities 
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Sound work ethic 
  • Bachelor’s degree in preparation for a career in ministry preferred but not necessary.
  • Pass a background check


  • Participate in all staff meetings, retreats, etc.
  • Participate in general pastoral duties as needed (weddings, funerals, counseling, etc.). 
  • Be available to preach and teach the Bible in adult worship services when asked.
  • Partner with other churches and pastors for your own development and the growth and health of your ministry. 


We’re looking for a committed Christian leader with a passion for discipling young people with the Gospel. The ideal candidate is an experienced leader who can relate well with youth, parents, and adult volunteers. This role will require a candidate with experience equipping youth for ministry. 


  • At least 2 years experience ministering to youth and shepherding youth ministry volunteers in either paid or volunteer capacities.
  • A desire to teach and mentor youth in biblical truth.
  • A calling to the long-term discipleship of young people.


  • Coordinate with the Lead Pastor, Elders, Board, and Youth Ministry Team Lead.
  • Lead the church’s efforts to minister with and to youth in grades 7-12. 
  • Help oversee the church’s efforts to minister to children below the grade 7.
  • Reach out to unchurched youth in the community, engage them with the Gospel, disciple them, and involve them in the life and work of the church. 
  • Recruit, develop, and deploy new volunteers for the church’s youth ministry. 
  • Develop an annual budget for the youth ministry and operate within the constraints of that budget. 
  • Establish a long-term vision for how the church engages youth.
  • Develop and execute a strategic plan for the youth ministry.
  • Develop a Bible teaching calendar for the youth that takes into consideration the full counsel of God’s Word and the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of the youth in our community.
  • Regularly teach the Bible to the youth with conviction, compassion, and care. 
  • Assist in efforts to minister to the parenting needs of the church body. 
  • Oversee all summer camping activities the church’s youth participate in at Scioto Hills Camp. 
  • Lead the youth in short-term missions experiences in cooperation with the Outreach Team (local, domestic, and international). 
  • Work with other church leaders to find ministry opportunities for youth in the broader church family. 
  • Review all curriculum used by the church’s children and youth ministries and ensure they are consistent with the church’s doctrinal commitments. 


We’re looking for a musically-gifted, spiritually-mature, biblically-grounded Christian to lead all worship ministries at our church under the direction of our Lead Pastor and in cooperation with the elders. The ideal candidate has experience leading worship at a similarly sized church and experience shepherding worship teams. 


  • Demonstrated gifting and skill in leading people in God-honoring and life-changing worship
  • 2 years experience leading worship in a similar church setting
  • Significant skill as a vocalist and instrumentalist
  • Broad knowledge of Christian worship music across multiple styles and generational tastes
  • Discernment in song selection
  • Experience leading and managing teams
  • Some formal training in music (and specifically church music) is preferred

  • Coordinate with the Lead Pastor, Elders, Board, and Worship Ministry Team Lead.
  • Work with the Lead Pastor to plan the worship services.
  • Lead the musical portion of worship services.
  • Lead or oversee the music ministries of the church. 
  • Develop a process to regularly identify and deploy new volunteers in the church’s worship ministry. 
  • Shepherd, train, manage, and care for the volunteer worship teams. 
  • Develop an annual worship ministry budget and work within that budget.
  • Look for ways to inspire non-musical worship experiences for the church body. 
  • Oversee the church’s worship tech ministry. 
  • Oversee the maintenance of all musical instruments and equipment owned by the church.
  • Work with youth and children’s ministry leaders to find worship leaders for age-graded worship experiences within the church.

Versailles Christian Church is a small church in a small town in rural western Ohio.  We’ve been a congregation for over 200 years, had six different names, and met in six different buildings.  Our coolest name ever was, “The Black Swamp Society.”  Yup, we should go back to that.  We trace our history back to the Puritans of the New England Congregational and Christian Churches.  In 2005, we left the rapidly apostatizing United Church of Christ in order to become a truly independent church.  

We stand on the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.  We proclaim the Gospel – that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, that God saves His people by grace, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  Repentance and faith are two sides of the same coin and constitute our response to God’s work on our behalf and His call to us in regeneration.  

We want to be used by God to bring many people to Christ in Versailles, Darke County, and the world.  We want to raise up young people who will live their lives in full surrender to Jesus as Lord and full commitment to His mission on earth of making disciples for the Glory of God.  We want to see the Gospel transform individuals and families into towering oaks of righteousness who stand against the storms of life and enemies of God in this world, and who persevere in faithfulness to the God who saved us.  We want to see God move in the young people of Versailles, bring them to salvation, and free them from the chains of false religion that hold them captive.  We want God to send us out as missionaries in our community and around the world.  We want to plant a church in an under-reached area near us.  We want so much, but we need help.  

We are growing our roots down deep right now, but we’re also going through seasons of pruning and pain.  The last three months, we’ve averaged 90 people on a Sunday, with about 1/3 of them being our children and those who serve them.  We have a good mix of ages, weighted most heavily toward young families.  Our children’s program is strong, but our youth ministry is struggling.  Recent conflicts have reduced it to a handful of students.  We are eager to rebuild and reach the young people of our community.  We are eager to build a strong youth ministry to disciple the many younger kids on their way up.  We could be much stronger, but we need help. 

Musically, we need help, too.  Our volunteer team usually consists of an acoustic guitar player, keyboard player, and two or three vocalists.  Sometimes we have someone on cajon.  We sing a mix of songs that have mostly been written in the last 15 years.  We sing some great songs from the Gettys, Sovereign Grace, Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, Andrew Peterson, CityAlight, Sandra McCracken, and others.  We also have songs that need to be retired and replaced with great new ones.  We are working toward theologically rich, musically engaging songs that build us up as disciples and bring the glory and attention to God.  We could be much stronger, but we need help.

Versailles is a prosperous town in rural western, OH.  We are hard workers.  Many of us are multi-generational farmers who love the land our ancestors first cleared and planted.  We have strong industry, strong civic pride, and lots of spiritual darkness.   

Our town is about 75% Catholic, and many of our church adults come out of a Catholic background.  The students in our school would almost unanimously say they believe in God, but very few know the Gospel of Jesus, and fewer still have been transformed by Him.  Alcohol and sports are the twin gods of Versailles, both for our young people, and the adults who lead the young people into these traps.  About once per year, we lose a high school student in an alcohol-related accident.  In many ways, Gospel ministry here is much like a mission field.  There is a lot of work to be done.  Are you up for the challenge?

You should probably know that Versailles is pronounced in the standard hillbilly way – Ver-Sales.  You may also want to know that we have a giant town festival called Poultry Days.  Not only do we sell 29,000 + homemade chicken dinners, but we host a giant Ultimate Frisbee tournament that’s been going for 39 years and includes 70 teams from all over the US.   Speaking of flying discs, our town put in a disc golf course this year, and our church is one of the hole sponsors.  What a great tool for youth ministry!

I’ve been a pastor for 24 years.  I’ve served a variety of churches with different theological and ecclesial backgrounds in Ohio and Michigan.  Most of my time has been spent as a youth pastor and worship pastor, so I know what we’re asking of you.  I want to be a strong partner and advocate for your ministry here.  I want to encourage you, coach you, build you up, and challenge you.  Sure, I’m old now, but I still love our young people, and I still love to lead worship a few times each year.  

My wife and I have three biological kids in college, three adopted kids in elementary and middle school, and one special needs foster son who is 2 1/2 and very fragile.  We love opening our home and family to people so that God can work through hospitality and friendship.  We believe a major part of our calling is showing others what it looks like to live as a family under the lordship of Jesus.

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