January 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Versailles Christian Church1/16/2018 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Board Members in Attendance:

Nick Dimmick , Tim Brandt, Chris Riffell, Josh Bolin, Trudy Koverman, Russell Wulber Kelly Voisard, Beth Serraino, David Loewer

Financial Discussion:

Beth Serraino was present to review financials for 2017 with the board.

The board unanimously decided to remove Deb Loewer and Rick Fennel from writing checks since they are no longer in the church roles that would necessitate check writing. We will add David Loewer and Beth Serraino due to their new church role of lead elder and financial leader, respectfully. Lindsey Ausborn will continue to be able to write checks as directed.

Also decided that Beth Serrino and David Loewer will be only ones authorized to make changes to accounts at Second National Bank. David and Beth will make these arrangements through Second National Bank.

Board also decided to permit Beth Serraino and David Loewer to be authorized representatives for accounts at Second National Bank, Greenville Federal, and Versailles Savings and Loan. Deb Loewer and Rick Fennel are also to be removed from serving as authorized

representatives for these accounts. These account numbers for this change are the following. Greenville Federal Accounts:


301001556 – Certificate of Deposit 301001695 – Certificate of Deposit 301002162 – Certificate of Deposit

Versailles Savings and Loan – Savings Account #3861 Second National Bank – Loan Number 1194110418048


Action Items:


Scioto Hills retreat for Youth in planning stages.

Coming Up:

200th celebration to be planned. Euchre Night February 2.

Additional Notes:

Vacant Board Position – Facilities.

Deb Loewer has agreed to temporarily fill this position since she has done it in the past. The board will continue to search for a facilities lead.