January 17, 2017 Board Meeting

VCC Board Meeting

January 17, 2017

Attendees:  Pastor Nick Dimmick, Trudy Koverman, Christina Riffell, Tim Brandt, Vince Serraino, David Loewer and Rick Fennell.


  1. The Mission Team Leads (MTL) monthly reports can be found at Atch 1.


  1. Pastor Nick introduced the idea of revamping how we handle membership. He provided the board members several handouts to review prior to the next meeting.  We discussed the role of membership as a tool of discipleship and spiritual growth, and talked about how we can avoid being legalistic by making sure we stay grounded in Scripture rather than tradition or practicality.


  1. We will offer a special family meal and communion service on Maundy Thursday. The Good Friday prayer vigil is 12 hours, 8am to 8pm.


Next Board Mtg:  February 21, 2017



Organizational Team (MTL – Vince Serraino)

60 Days Past Accomplishments (21 Nov – 16 Jan)

  • Braced pews (left side of sanctuary).
  • Repaired downspout on garage shed (alley).
  • Caulked facia board northeast corner (alley).
  • Secured down spout elbow – added screws and cleaned downspout (alley).
  • Meeting with Kremer Roofing (1/16) for cost to replace membrane on flat roof (believe to the east), gym tile roof and main building roof. Most cost effective is shingle.
  • Replaced ballast in parsonage kitchen -Dave Siebert completed the work.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Secure/anchor church pews- need layout/drawing- will help but need Nick/boards input for sanctuary layout.
  • Replace furnace filters.
  • Secure additional bids to replace roof.
  • Select roofing contractor (look at phasing roof replacement based on immediate need).
  • Replace missing tile on gym roof.
  • Secure bid to replace gutters- I’ve contact Sidney downspout for bid (look at phasing gutter replacement based on immediate need).
  • Cap chimney- recommend contractor to perform the work due to safety and equipment.
  • Remove insulation in tray ceiling- above stage.
  • Improve airflow downstairs kitchen/dining area.
  • $600 to remove ash tree and grind stump in front of parsonage- Gunckle Tree Service.


Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

60 Day Past Accomplishments (21 Nov – 16 Jan)

·      Assembled a team of greeters.

·      Installed the sanctuary light switches.

·      Took down the Christmas decorations.

·      Discarded a number of old decorations that were not being used.

Three Month Look-Ahead

·      Looking to expand the number of greeters.

·      Encourage people to donate snacks.

·      Continue to upgrade Praise Team equipment/presentation; install sound absorption material by the drums, new microphones/cables/DI Boxes, relocate projector screen, etc.


Adult Ministries Team (MTL – Christina Riffell)

60 Day Past Accomplishments (21 Nov – 16 Jan)

·         Nothing significant to note.

Three Month Look-Ahead

·      Start of small group studies.

·      Ladies Night Out, Feb 3rd.


Youth Team (MTL – Amy Brandt)

60 Day Past Accomplishments (21 Nov – 16 Jan)

·      Kick Off Meeting for Summer 2017 Versailles Vacation Bible School on 11/22.

Three Month Look-Ahead

·      Summer 2017 VBS Meetings.

·      Summer 2017 VBS Fair at Grace Christian Book Store in Piqua (February).

·      Summer 2017 VBS Meeting with Elizabeth New Life Center TBD.


Outreach Team (MTL – JJ Riffell)

60 Day Past Accomplishments (21 Nov – 16 Jan)

·      Operation Shoebox project.

Three Month Look-Ahead

·      Baby Bottles for Elizabeth New Life Center, Jan/Feb.

·      Euchre/Game Night in February.

·      Special Needs Prom, May 5th.