January 22, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2019-01-22 Board Meeting Notes

Present: Nick Dimmick, Tim Brand, Russell Wulber, Trudy Koverman, Janelle Koverman, Michael Brunswick

Note: Because Rick had to travel to PA to be with his dying mother, we did not talk about the SOPs as
planned. We will address these in February.

The 2018 year-end reports were reviewed and accepted with gratitude to Beth Serraino for her continued
diligence and creativity in how we report. With great thankfulness, we recognize that we finished 2018 with
approximately $10,000 more income than expenditures.

Team Reports

Worship: Trudy Koverman
Sent SOP to Rick
Cameron Bass led worship in Nov and Dec.
Speakers in nursery and prayer/cry room are working well.
Greeters, ushers are signed up.
Snacks are being provided by a rotation of people.
Amy Brandt continues to serve by making coffee on Sundays.
Franklin Shimp is in training for the tech team.
Josh Meyers will be invited on as a junior member of the tech team.
Cleaned out Christmas stuff.
Cleaning out extra office.
Cleaning out kitchen (old fundraiser stuff).
Piano? Christina had someone? Sell?
Trudy is tutoring future worship leaders on guitar and piano.

Outreach: Janelle Koverman
The Prom will likely be in May after the high school prom.
The Outreach team will take a tour of the Elizabeth’s New Life Center.
We will do the Bottles for Babies fundraiser for ENLC in March.
The Outreach team will visit Rustic Hope in Russia to learn how we can serve.
Next Outreach meeting: first week in Feb.
We have increased giving to Mahmouds in Kenya.
Current Team: Janelle Koverman, Josie Wulber, and Janelle Brunswick.
Any people whose names start with J are welcome to join the team.

Facilities: Michael Brunswick
Current Team: Joe Brandt, Brian McKibben, Wayne Gromm, Don Gladish, Jon Snyder, Keith Koverman
Working on scaffolding from Worch Lumber for repairing gym ceiling.

180: Russell Wulber

Back to using the Gospel Project in 180.
Currently working through the Exodus.
Spicing up the game time. Minute to win it type games have been a hit.
Quite a few kids coming to 180 that are not coming to church. How do we transition them and their families to
regular church life?
Scioto Hills student retreat: Feb 8-10
Cedarmania: March 24th

Reports Via Email:
Finances: Beth Serraino
– December Financials were sent out. I will have the budget allocated by month for the Feb meeting.
– Rick needed to go to SNB and VSL to update signature cards. Let me know if this is done so Lindsey and I
can go in the sing the new cards.
I reviewed the current SOP’s for Finance and they mostly address collections and check requests. I will provide
additional details regarding the accounting process as a guide for the next person in my role. From a staffing
perspective the team for Sunday Money Counters is defined as you, Joe, Stacey and Keith. In terms of a
replacement for me, currently my only suggestion would be Joe Brandt. I do not know of anyone else with
accounting experience…..
Standard Operating Procedures outline for Accounting includes the following topics
– Payroll Processing (Vendor details, submission process, etc)
– Accounting for Collections and Deposits
– Standard Journal Entries and how to update memorized transaction
– Process to convert monthly QB reports to Excel reports created for Board Meetings
– Quarterly Retirement Contributions for Pastor

Children – Kelly Voisard
We have ordered a VBS curriculum from Answers in Genesis, Michael worked on getting the TV put up in the
preschool room so that Gospel Project videos and worship songs may be shown in there, Phyllis Gromm will be
helping out with 5&6 grade, Larissa will no longer be helping out in the nursery because she got a different job.
We have some students going to Scioto Hills for the winter retreat, Russell would have more on that. As far as
my team, there is Russell, Tiphany, Amy and Tim, Kristi, Joe and Christine, the Brunswicks, Carly, Tina , The
Kovermans and the Austins. While I have not spoken to Tiphany, Kristi or Phyllis about taking over for me, I
feel that any of them would do great. I am planning to speak with Tiphany and Kristi about what would need
done in the event that I couldn’t fulfill my role.

Upcoming Dates:
12/24 Christmas Eve Service
1/2-5 Cross Conference for Young Adults in Louisville
1/16,23,30, 2/6 Marriage Class
1/25-26 Cedarville Worship Conference

2/8-10 Scioto Hills Youth Retreat
3/3 – 3/13 Nick in Ireland
3/8-10 Scioto Hills Marriage Retreat
3/10 Rick Fennell preaches
3/17 Scott Bruns from Scioto Hills as guest preacher
4/8-10 Nick to conference in IL
4/21 Easter
4/26-27 Scioto Hills Men’s Retreat
6/3-7 VBS here at VCC!
6/13-16 Poultry Days
6/24-29 Camp – New Frontier and Alpha
7/1-6 Camp – Family
7/8-13 Camp – Revolution (HS)
9/8 Baptisms and Picnic
9/14 Versailles Bicentennial Celebration

In light of the recent tragic deaths in Versailles, Nick spent a half hour in a Bible study to equip our leaders to
respond well to tragedy.

Feb 19th Meeting:
Continue discussion about developing teams and leaders.
Discuss SOPs for teams.
Verify that all steps have been taken for Rick to have necessary banking privileges.