June 18, 2019 Meeting Minutes

VCC Board Meeting Agenda

June 18, 2019

Attendees: Pastor Nick Dimmick, Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Elizabeth Serraino, Michael Brunswick, Janelle Koverman, Trudy Koverman, Kelly Voisard and Rick Fennell.

Rick kicked off the board meeting sharing some thoughts out of Philippians 3:13b-16 dealing with how we’re challenged to keep pressing-on in our faith and don’t get complacent to the point that you feel there is no more growth.

Beth provided the following recap of our financials as of May:

  • Total collections were $9,858 versus a budget of $10,622.  YTD total collections are $61,413 versus a budget of $63,421, ($2,011) below budget.


  • Total expenses were $11,307 versus a budget of $14,711.  YTD expenses are $64,130 versus a budget of $82,586, $18,457 below budget.


  • Net loss of ($1,449) versus a budget net loss of ($4,088).  YTD net loss of ($2,716) versus a budget of ($19,166), $16,446 above budget.


  • We had collected $285 in VBS registration fees that are recorded as an offset to VBS expenses and $40 collected towards scholarships.  Total balance of designated funds for Youth Scholarships was $1,430 at the end of May plus $2,337 in the General Youth Fund.


Next the MTLs were asked to provide their monthly reports (see below).


Adult Ministries Team (MTL – Vacant)

30 Day Past Accomplishments (May 21 – June 18)

  • Nothing of significance to report.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Summer lunchtime Bible Study of Ephesians starting 26 June at the church.                                                                                                  

Facilities Team (MTL – Michael Brunswick)

30 Days Past Accomplishments (May 21 – June 18)

  • Made contact with the previous exterior painter concerning chipping paint around the top of the building.  We’re looking at options moving ahead.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Obtain three quotes for the flat roof replacement.
  • Fix the nursery door and woman’s bathroom door from sticking.
  • Obtain quotes to address water from getting inside the church basement.

Outreach Team (MTL – Janelle Koverman)

30 Day Past Accomplishments (May 21 – June 18)

  • Provided tornado relief to a former church member.
  • Church-in-the-Park service during Poultry Days. (16 June)

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Bottles-for-Babies. (August)
  • Duffle Bags. (November)


Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

30 Day Past Accomplishments (May 21 – June 18)

·      VBS kids presented a song at the 9 Jun worship service.

·      Praise Team provided music for the Church-in-the-Park Service. (16 Jun)

ThreeMonth Look-Ahead

·       Adding another member to the sound booth team; a second individual is considering it.


Youth Team (MTL – Kelly Voisard)

30 Day Past Accomplishments (May 21 – June 18)

·      Successful VBS conducted from 3-7 June.  80 children in attendance.  The VCC family stepped up to help out covering all areas of need.  Already looking forward to next year!

·      Additionally as it pertains to VBS, $385 was donated as well as bags of toiletry items for the CALL Ministry in Celina to help with the tornado relief effort.

·      Sent four boys to the first Scioto Hills camp.  (10-15 June)

Three Month Look-Ahead

·      Currently 24 kids, four more than last year, are slated to head to Scioto Hills on 24 June.

·      Kid’s Club is adding another helper while several current members are being moved to grow their skill-set and provide greater flexibility/effectiveness of the staff.

·      180 will be starting in the fall the first week after the start of school.


Upcoming Events:

6/24-29  Camp – New Frontier and Alpha

6/26  Summer Bible Studies start

7/1-6  Camp – Family (Dimmicks gone)

7/8-13  Camp – Revolution

7/21  Baptism Class Option 1 – Noon after the worship service

7/24  Baptism Class Option 2 – 7 PM

8/3-14  Dimmick vacation (Tim and Russell to preach on 8/4 and 8/11 respectively)

9/8  Baptisms and Church Picnic

9/14  Versailles Bicentennial Celebration

9/22  Membership Class 1

9/29  Membership Class 2

10/6  Membership Class 3

10/20  Child Dedication Class

10/27  Membership Sunday

11/10 Child Dedication Sunday

Tim and Russell are heading up a small team to assist a community in Nebraska the first part of July; date TBD.


Pastor Nick shared a short video of a man who was challenged to share his faith by his mentor and how that spurred him on to get involved as a missionary.  From this Pastor Nick urged us to pour ourselves into others and challenge them to grow in their faith though at times it might require wading out into the deep-end of the pool.  He also asked us to consider how we could include others in the ministry work here vs just doing it ourselves.




Next Board Mtg:  July 16, 2019