June 20, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Versailles Christian Church 6/20/2018 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Board Members in Attendance:

Nick Dimmick, Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Janell Koverman, Kelly Voisard, Trudy Koverman

Financial Discussion:

Financial Summary monthly put into the bulletin to give members an idea where we stand financially. Discussion concerning how many operating days income should we have (100 days, just a few weeks, etc.)

Action Items/Follow-up:

Board asked to each bring to next board meeting an idea of how may operating days income would make sense for our church. Discussed roofing quotes and options for repairs. Nick Ellis to come Monday and do assessment of gym roof. Afterwards, we will call Kremer for assessment. School teacher luncheon in August. Evaluating monthly giving options. Worship team looking at possibility of electric drums to decrease the sound. There have been complaints about the drums. AED’s are unavailable at this time through the organization that also provides the training; they are looking to order more.

Coming Up:

August 11 – 180 cookout Mission trip July 23-29