March 20, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Versailles Christian Church3/20/2018 BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Board Members in Attendance:

Nick Dimmick, David Loewer, Deb Loewer, Chris Riffell, Beth Serraino, Trudy Koverman, Kelly Voisard, Tim Brandt, Josh Bolin

Financial Discussion:

The board decided that any purchases of $5,000 and above would be considered an asset in the board’s financials. Beth and Lindsey will work together to pay gas/electric by level billing so that the expenses would equal each month.

There are 3 checking accounts at Second National Bank. Beth proposed combining to only one account.

Action Items/Follow-up:

Beth to look into options/cashing out of CD’s. Will bring options to next board meeting for evaluation.

Deb to move forward with the awning repair.

Josh working on getting prom details all together. Team meeting tomorrow night(3/21) for coordinating.

Meal for Thursday before Easter. Pot luck with church providing the meat.

Cedarmania this weekend for 180.

Kelly working to revise youth program to include safety measures, child check in system.

Coming Up:

Prom – May 4th
200th year celebration – May