May 15, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance
Nick Dimmick, David Loewer, Kelly Voisard, Beth Serraino, Tim Brandt, Deb Loewer, Russell Wulber,
Janelle Koverman, Trudy Koverman

Financial Discussion
Discussed the $4000 in the budget for new AC unit for parsonage. Unit is still working, keeps getting
louder, and it will need to be replaced at some point. The $2000 Elders training tickets were purchased
in late 2017 but budgeted in 2018. There is over $10,000 in the Outreach account. As Outreach money is
spent it will affect our net income/loss. YTD Net Loss is $71.46 as of 4/30/18.

Reminded the board members that two signatures are required for all expenses.

Discussed three quotes for roof repairs: Kremer Roofing, Don Hubbard, and Premier.
Premier: $35,000 to $46,000 to replace the tile roof. That includes Tim Brandt hauling away the tiles.
Quote does not include the flat roof. Quote does not include replacing any bad wood. Will be getting a
quote from Cotterman for the flat roof.

Kelly inquired about attaching changing table to wall to avoid toddlers pulling it down. Also want to
attach a lightweight cube to the wall for personal items for the kids.

VCC is looking for help and commitment to run the sound board on Sunday. Cody Ausborn is willing to
run the sound board twice a month. Looking for others to help.

Nick is working with someone in the community and discussing a summer worship leader internship.

Russell is working on updating the computer in the 180 Room. The 180 has two weeks left before the
summer break. Will have a cookout/bonfire for the 180 group.

Nick shared the weekly attendance and weekly giving for the past 12 months – has been pretty steady.

We have received a $1000 donation to fix/cap the chimney. The 2017 previous quote was $600. Need to
get a re-quote for an updated cost and initiate the repair.

Nick discussed the greeting card display and we will look into taking it down due to little use.
Discussed the recent letter asking for forgiveness for past hurts. A couple board members have received
some feedback from the letter.

Getting ready for the 200th anniversary celebration this weekend.

Board read and discussed Romans 12 and how we need to love one another with brotherly love.

Action Items/Follow-Up
Requesting more detail on the Kremer Roof bid. Beth to follow up with Vince and see if he has any quote
documentation. Need to evaluate if the quotes are similar and what is and is not included (Deb to work
with Tim).

The Board needs to decide how much money to keep back for emergency fund. Beth will review and
suggestion options.

AED – Kelly to followup with Lindsey on the status of the item

Coming Up
200th Anniversary celebration & dinner
Kids Art Summer Camp
Mission trip to KY