May 21, 2019 Meeting Minutes

VCC Board Meeting

May 21, 2019


Attendees:  Pastor Nick Dimmick, Kelly Voisard, Trudy Koverman, Janelle Koverman, Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber and Rick Fennell


  1. Pastor Nick informed the board that Christina Riffell stepped down as the Adult Ministries Lead to focus on health issues at home. We thank Chris for her dedication and service here at VCC and look forward to continuing to worship with her, JJ and the kids.  The Elders are considering whom to recommend as her backfill.
  2. Though Beth was not available to do a review of the 2019 Budget, she did provide her financial spreadsheets. It was noted that the income as of 30 April was over $5K below budget but due to the diligence of the VCC Staff and Mission Team Leads (MTL) holding costs down, we’re only $391.88 in the red.  Pastor Nick also pointed out that even though the 2019 Budget was approved with the intent of hiring a full-time Youth/Worship Lead, the monies just are not there.  The Elders are grappling with how to proceed and are considering a couple options.
  3. Next, the MTLs were asked to provide their monthly reports (see below).


Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

·       Investigating different ways to improve the acoustics in the sanctuary.

·       Another individual has expressed interest in helping out in the sound booth.

·       Though on-going, the team is looking to introduce more new songs.  Over the past years they’ve averaged one new song a month but have fallen off pace slightly this year; three have been introduced so far and a fourth will in two weeks.


Adult Ministries Team (MTL – TBD)

·      Nothing of significance to report.


Youth Team (MTL – Kelly Voisard)

·      Plans for VBS are in their final stage of coordination.  A meeting with the various workers will be conducted next week in the run-up to VBS from 3-7 June.

·      Suggestion was also made that for children who remain in the sanctuary prior to the message and are bothered by the noise, possibly the use of ear-defenders would be beneficial.


Outreach Team (MTL – Janelle Koverman)

·         The Special Needs Prom was accomplished on May 3rd.  The prom was another great success.  Not sure how many attended but there were 86 positive RSVPs.  A couple thank-you notes from family members of those who attended were shared with the board.  And a couple lessons were learned that could easily be addressed by providing training prior to the next year’s event of those from VCC who attend.

·         Another effort taking place later this year will be the “Bottles for Babies” fund-raiser in support of the Elizabeth New Life Center in Sidney OH.

Organizational Team (MTL – Michael Brunswick)

  • Nothing of significance to report.


After the MTL Reports Rick discussed a new way to formulate the board meeting minutes and asked for their support in a trail run next month.


He also shared a thought on just as Jesus prepared his disciples for service, we likewise prepare our congregation as well as each other for service.


Finally, Pastor Nick led a discussion about whether all Christians think alike based on a short video of six millennials being asked to answer a number of questions as it pertains to Christianity.


Upcoming Events:

6/3-7  VBS here at VCC

6/13-16  Poultry Days (VCC Praise Team to lead music again for the Church-in-the-Park)

6/24-29  Camp – New Frontier and Alpha

7/1-6  Camp – Family (Dimmicks gone)

7/8-13  Camp – Revolution

8/3-14  Dimmick vacation (Tim and Russell to preach on 8/4 and 8/11 respectively)

9/8  Baptisms and Church Picnic

9/14  Versailles Bicentennial Celebration


Next Board Mtg:  18 Jun 19