November 19, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2019-11-19 Board Minutes


Chris Austen, Tim Brandt, Michael Brunswick, Nick Dimmick, Rick Fennell (via phone), Janelle Koverman, Trudy Koverman, Beth Serraino, Kelly Voisard, Russell Wulber

Welcome to Chris Austen:

Financial Report: Beth

Total collections were $11,237 versus a budget of $15,414.  YTD total collections are $106,602 versus a budget of $111,203, ($4,601) below budget.
Total expenses were $12,906 versus a budget of $14,636.  YTD expenses are $115,074 versus a budget of $152,762, $37,688 below budget.
Net loss of ($1,668) versus a budget net income of $778.  YTD net loss of ($8,429) versus a budget of ($41,559),$33,130 above budget.
Balance of cash in checking account was $13,709 and savings balance was $125,305 at the end of October.  
I will be transferring $12,000 from savings to checking in order to pay the final invoice for the roof repair.  The November statements will reflect the cost of the roof repair as an expense.  Total expense of $26,882, less the $5000 of designated funds for roof repair.
There were no unusual items to note during last month.

Budget Planning for 2020: Beth

Expenses are budgeted to stay mostly the same next year with the exception of Facilities.  An extra $5,000 was added to the Facilities budget in order to cover expected costs of repairs and equipment purchases that are anticipated in 2020. 
Dec 1st: budgets distributed
Dec 15th: Congregational meeting

MTL Reports:

Adult Ministry: Chris Austen

  • 30 Day Recap:
  • Chili Cook Off: Oct 20th
  • Child Dedication Class: Oct 27th
  • Child Dedication Service: Nov 10th – 9 children dedicated
  • Parenting Classes on Nov 9 and 16.
  • Looking Ahead:
  • Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday: Nov 26th 6 PM
  • Brandt Outpost organizing caroling outreach for whole church Dec 8th after service with lunch.
  • Brandt Outpost organizing bowling for whole church – possible date 1/19
  • Parenting Classes Dec 7 and 14
  • Scioto Hills young adult retreat Dec 13-14?
  • Discipleship groups forming: 
  • Nick is starting two groups for guys.
  • Kelly is doing a discipleship group for a few women.
  • Considering options and opportunities for women’s ministry

Facilities Ministry: Michael Brunswick

  • 30 Day Recap:
  • Roof Repaired:  Total Cost = $29,625
  • Hayden Smith recognized and thanked for mowing
  • Jon Snyder addressing front doors
  • Looking Ahead:
  • Repair and repaint damaged wall in sanctuary bathroom
  • After determining if water problem is solved, repair and repaint basement bathroom walls.
  • Repair gym ceiling
  • Cap the “pit of despair” sump well in the basement
  • Mortar for bricks near awning needs to be tuck pointed.  Near NE door, too. 
  • Paint exterior?  Quotes coming in. 
  • Wrap part of exterior?  Quotes coming in. 
  • Replace mower
  • Replace worn-out couches in The Gathering Place
  • Paint walls in places inside
  • Replace ceiling tiles damaged by previous water issues
  • Replace and upgrade lights in The Gathering Place
  • Replace exterior faucets at parsonage
  • Refinish Parsonage Dining Room floor due to normal wear and tear

Outreach Ministry: Janelle Koverman

  • 30 Day Recap:
  • Diaper drive for Rustic Hope and Seeds of Hope
  • Looking Ahead:
  • Gift Project for Council of Churches – 3 children assigned – Dec 18
  • Gift cards for Seeds of Hope
  • Brainstorming for new project or organization
  • Brainstorming ways to involve and encourage congregation
  • Ninja course at Poultry Days?  Ansonia 4th of July.

Worship Ministry: Trudy Koverman

  • 30 Day Recap:
  • Praise Team practicing with Curt Duncan for Thanksgiving
  • Looking Ahead:
  • Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday: Nov 26th 6 PM
  • Christmas Eve Service: Dec 24th
  • Family service with kids participating in different ways?

Youth Ministry: Kelly Voisard

  • 30 Day Recap
  • Youth and young adults serving with child care for parenting class
  • Michael Brunswick and Joe Brandt guest teaching at 180 in Dec.
  • Looking Ahead
  • Caroling Dec 8th
  • Christmas Eve Service: Dec 24th
  • Family service with kids singing “Who Would Have Dreamed?”

Nick’s Stuff:

Upcoming Dates:

  • 11/26 Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday
  • Parent Class continues Dec 7,14
  • Scioto Hills Young Adult Retreat Dec 13,14?
  • Christmas Eve Service: Dec 24th
  • Dimmicks in WI: Dec 29 – Jan 1
  • Marriage Event at Greenville Grace – Jan 11
  • Dec Board Meeting:  Dec 17th?  Christmas party with spouses / families?

Worship / Youth Pastor?

We hope to begin pursuing the hiring of another pastor early in the year.  The elders are working a plan to ask members to pledge toward the extra salary amount.  More details coming soon. 

General Discussion / Ideas

Electronic Giving:  We should familiarize people with the electronic giving options and demonstrate the value and process for setting up automatic recurring giving. 
Ninja Obstacle Course Events:  We have been asked by Poultry Days and the Ansonia 4th of July committees to provide our Ninja Obstacle Course at their events.  We are discussing if this is an affective outreach tool and if we should use it as a fundraiser, too. 
Evaluation Options:  How do we acquire helpful and honest feedback from people who have left the church and people who are active in the church?  We will investigate different options for surveys, interviews, etc.  

Discipleship / Training / Equipping (Didn’t get to)

How have you included someone else in the work of ministry instead of just doing it yourself?
Book Study:  The Final Word chapter 3
A Bold Advance: Albania Missionary Clip?