October 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes

2019-10-15 Board Minutes

Participants: Nick Dimmick, Tim Brandt, Kelly Voisard, Trudy Koverman, Janelle Koverman
Financial Report: Beth
Total collections were $12,780 versus a budget of $10,176.  YTD total collections are $108,051 versus a budget of $109,297, ($1,246) below budget.
Total expenses were $13,078 versus a budget of $16,288.  YTD expenses are $114,731 versus a budget of $150,386, $35,655 below budget.
Net loss of ($298) versus a budget net loss of ($6,112).  YTD net loss of ($6,680) versus a budget of ($41,089), $34,409 above budget.
Balance of cash in checking account was $14,996 and savings balance was $125,305 at the end of August.  Net decrease in cash for September was ($15,482) and YTD is ($22,511)
$15,000 from savings was used to pay $14,812, the initial payment of the roof repair.  The amount paid is recorded as a pre-paid expense on the balance sheet.  When the roof repair is complete, the amount will be recorded as an expense.  We paid $1,898 in September for property insurance and $1,514 in retirement fund contribution.  Both items are included in the annual budget.  
Replace Chris Riffell as Adult MTL? 
Chris Austen: Chris is prayerfully considering.  He plans to give us an answer by Friday, October 18th. 

Team Reports:


30 Day Recap:
  • Bid on the repair/replacement of the flat roof was approved by the congregation on 9/22.
  • Roof payment made.  Plans coming together for early Nov.
  • Leaking awning: Company came out to take care of it. 
  • Jon Snyder addressing front doors
Looking Ahead:
  • HVAC humidifier at parsonage?
  • Fix the nursery door from sticking.
  • Hayden Smith / Stephen mowing church lawn – Gift card and recognition this Sunday?
  • Leak in sanctuary bathroom – Repair wall
  • Gym ceiling
  • Pit of despair needs capped
  • Mortar for bricks near awning needs to be tuck pointed.  Near NE door, too. 
  • Paint exterior?  Quotes coming in. 
  • Wrap part of exterior?  Quotes coming in. 
  • Replace sofas in Gathering Place?


30 Day Recap:
  • Elizabeth’s New Life Center – Bottles for Babies
  • Sponsoring one disc golf hole
  • Sent one load of clothes to Seeds of Hope
Looking Ahead:
  • Next year’s mission trip?
  • Diaper Drive for Seeds of Hope and Rustic Hope
  • Counsel of Churches – Sponsor a Family (December)


30 Day Recap:
  • 180 Campout (21 Sep)
  • Bicentennial and followup events with ninja course
Looking Ahead:The youth wanted to go Christmas Caroling. The thought was that this would be a nice whole church activity. The proposed date is Dec 8th with lunch after church then caroling after lunch. It would be a carry in type meal with everyone bringing something to share.


30 Day Recap:
  • Five Outposts up and running
  • Brandt, Dimmick, Fennell/Snyder, Wulber, and Alt
Looking Ahead:
  • Parenting Class beginning Saturday Nov 9th?  – Ohio State / MI weak?  Nov 30th at noon
  • Chili Cook-off   Oct 20th  Brandt Outpost
  • Child dedication class   Oct 27th   Fennell / Snyder Outpost
  • Child dedication  Nov 10th
  • Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday?  Nov 26
  • Discipleship groups?


30 Day Recap:
  • Additional “Greeters” were added to the team.
Looking Ahead:
  • Need more greeters and band members
  • Adding another member to the sound booth team; a second individual is considering it.

Upcoming Events:

10/20 Chili Cook-off
10/27 Child Dedication Class
10/29-30  Cedarville IX Marks Pastors Conference – Elders
11/10 Child Dedication Sunday – STAND Sunday / Orphan Sunday
11/26 Thanksgiving Taco Tuesday?

Leadership Development:

  • Final Word Chapter 2
  • Prayer