October 16, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Versailles Christian Church 10/16/2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance: Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Kelly Voisard, Trudy Koverman, Janelle Koverman, Beth Serraino, Deb Loewer, Nick Dimmick

Action Items/Follow-up:

  • Worship conference scheduled for Jan. Hoping praise team can attend.
  • Cameron may attend as worship leader a couple times yet in 2018
  • Praise team still doing weekly Bible study
  • Investigate installing a speaker in nursery to stream worship service
  • Operation Shoebox in progress. Outreach looking for a family to sponsor during Christmas.
  • Outreach will be making additional year end donations to Stocks family & Aubde & Laura
  • No additional information on AED training
  • Received two quotes on new AC/heat unit for parsonage. Chris Austin’s company will give away scratch and dent model for free and will install for about $1500. Board voted to move forward with purchase. Nick will contact Chris A.
  • Roof leaks – Kremer roofing patched a few spots but will come back and look at the gym roof. He mentioned that repairs are temporary due to the disrepair of the roof
  • Inquiring to find someone to snake the Gathering Room drain. No one wants to do it but North Star offered their manual snake if we want to do it ourselves
  • Shed roof leaking and will need replaced. No action on this item.
  • Venting the boiler room due to smell. No action on this item yet.
  • Grinding tree stump. Deb working with Tim to get this done.
  • Need to replace outside faucets on house due to leaking when turned on. No action on this item yet.

Coming Up:

  • 11/6-7 Cedarville IX Marks Pastor Conference
  • 11/11 Orphan Sunday
  • 11/20 VCC Board Meeting
  • 11/20 Community Thanksgiving service (not sure who is hosting)
  • 12/1 Men’s Breakfast
  • 12/9 Congregational Meeting
  • 12/9-11 Nick gone to TN
  • 12/24 Christmas Eve Service
  • 12/30 Family Sunday