September 17, 2019 Meeting Minutes

VCC Board Meeting

September 17, 2019


Attendees:  Pastor Nick Dimmick, Tim Brandt, Russell Wulber, Trudy Koverman, Janelle Koverman, Michael Brunswick, Kelly Voisard, Beth Serraino, and Rick Fennell    


The meeting started with a presentation and question and answer session with Mr Bill Wourms from Technique Roofing Systems (TRS) in St Henry.  Mr Wourms explained to the board his company’s approach to fixing our roofing issues.  Satisfied that all of our questions/concerns were adequately addressed, the board voted to recommend to the congregation at the conclusion of the 22 Sep service that we set-aside $40K for TRS to repair the flat roof on the church.  This amount will cover their labor and materials as well as provide some management reserve for any unknown-unknowns as the work commences.  The timeframe likely would be the first half of November taking on the order of 1-2 weeks to complete.


Beth provided the following recap of our financials as of August: 

  • August total collections were $9,200 versus a budget of $10,912.  YTD total collections are $95,229 versus a budget of $99,121, $3,893 below budget. 
  • August total expenses were $13,346 versus a budget of $16,199.  YTD expenses are $101,653 versus a budget of $134,099, $32,446 below budget. 
  • August net loss of $4,146 versus a budget net loss of $5,287.  YTD net loss of $6,382 versus a budget of $34,977, $28,596 below budget.
  • Balance of cash in the checking account was $15,478, and the savings balance was $140,305 as of the end of August.
  • There are no other significant items of note.


Next the MTLs provided their monthly reports (see below).


Adult Ministries Team (MTL – Vacant)

30-Days Past Accomplishments (August 21 – September 17)

  • Outpost Groups starting to form.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Outpost Groups starting.
  • Setting-up a Parenting Class to run for four weeks, one night a week, this fall.


Facilities Team (MTL – Michael Brunswick)

30-Days Past Accomplishments (August 21 – September 17)

  • Completed market research for the roof repair.
  • Obtain quotes to address water from getting inside the church basement.
  • Fixed the women’s bathroom door from sticking.
  • Repaired a leak in one of the parsonage bathrooms but the wall still needs repaired.
  • Put a lid on the “pit of despair” to minimize the odor.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Obtained quotes for the flat roof replacement; present to the congregation on 9/22 for approval to move forward.  See first paragraph on page one.
  • Fix the nursery door from sticking.
  • Fix the loose mortar above the lower door awning.
  • Fix the awning leak.
  • Paint the exterior or wrap it in siding.
  • Fix the gym ceiling.
  • Fix the leak in the sanctuary bathroom.


Outreach Team (MTL – Janelle Koverman)

30-Days Past Accomplishments (August 21 – September 17)

  • Back-to-School Teachers Appreciation Luncheon (23 Aug)
  • Bottles-for-Babies collection started
  • Annual VCC picnic and baptisms (8 Sep)
  • Ninja Obstacle Course was a huge hit at the Bicentennial on 14 Sep. Great job by Joe Brandt and his crew putting that together.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Foster Care Project (Oct/Nov)
  • Duffle Bags for the Seeds of Hope (November)
  • Gift Project for a selected Organization (December)


Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

30-Days Past Accomplishments (August 21 – September 17)

·      A couple members of the Praise Team led the music for the Baptism ceremony.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • Adding another member to the sound booth team; a second individual is considering it.
  • Adding additional members to the greeting team.


Youth Team (MTL – Kelly Voisard)

30-Days Past Accomplishments (August 21 – September 17)

  • 180 resumed (4 Sep)
  • Kid’s Club resumed (8 Sep)
  • Kid’s Club has added another helper while several current members are being moved to grow their skill-set and provide greater flexibility/effectiveness of the staff.

Three-Month Look-Ahead

  • 180 Campout (21 Sep)




Upcoming Events:

9/21  180 Campout

9/22  Congregational Meeting for roof project

9/23-25  Dimmicks at Scioto Hills for Pastors and Wives Retreat

9/28  Nick and Jen to MI for wedding – just the day

9/28  Indiana Wesleyan Ultimate Team here for the night. 

10/8-11  Nick Sabbatical in KY

10/20  Child Dedication Class

10/29-30  Cedarvillle IX Marks Pastors Conference – Elders

11/10  Child Dedication Sunday 



Leadership Training – Nick led a group discussion from Chapter 1 of the book, The Final Word.  The board will continue on through that book w/ the intent to cover a chapter at each board meeting.



Next Board Mtg:  October 15, 2019