September 20, 2016

Attendees:  Pastor Nick Dimmick, Trudy Koverman, Christina Riffell, Amy Brandt, Tim Brandt and Rick Fennell.

  1. The Mission Team Leads (MTL) monthly reports are included in Atch 1.
  2. The August Financial Report was reviewed and will be posted on the VCC website.
  3. Rick informed the MTLs of their responsibility to generate Standard Operating Procedures (see below).  He also offered to draft new ones w/ the help of the MTLs.

–          “Each Team Lead shall establish and document their Standard Operating Procedures thereby easing the transition from one team lead to the next.  The operating procedures shall be reviewed by the board for thoroughness and consistency between ministry areas.” (Ref. VCC By-Laws, Section 2, Ministry Areas)

–          Three generated so far:  General Financial Policy, Inactive Members, New Members

  1. Rick informed the board that it is time to start the annual review and update of the Constitution and By-Laws (see note below).  He said he would coordinate the update with the intent that the congregation could review and vote on the documents on 18 December to be effective 1 January.

“The Constitution and By-Laws will be reviewed annually by the Board to ensure it reflects the needs of this church family.  Amendments will be proposed to the congregation as necessary.” (Ref. VCC Constitution, Section IX, Amendments)

  1. Team Training (Pastor Nick).

–          Pastor Nick explained the “UP, IN, and OUT” concept and that he would be preaching on it for his 9/25 sermon

–          He explained a simple construct to engage w/ visitors called the “Conversational Areas Stack.”  His concern is that folks get assimilated quickly to avoid the risk of us breaking into sub-congregations.

–          He explained that the Breeze Church Maintenance System was populated and that Tricia would be sending board members a link to establish a password and explore the software further before we go prime time

–          He said that the new copier was working great and asked for authorization to proceed w/ the purchase.

Next Board Mtg: Tues, 18 Oct 16



Organizational Team (MTL – Vacant)

60 Days Past Accomplishments

  • Wood paneling in part of the parsonage basement was removed, treated for mold, and reinstalled.
  • Roof leak above The Gathering Place was repaired.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Install wired doorbell?
  • Work on some of the requests that Pastor Nick wishes to add to parsonage such as a washer/dryer hook up in basement.
  • Check to see if the roof above the gym is leaking.
  • Replace missing tile on gym roof.
  • Confirm that bats are no longer getting in the chimney of the Youth Pastor’s office.


Worship Team (MTL – Trudy Koverman)

60 Days Past Accomplishments

  • Installed the “confidence monitor” in the back of the sanctuary for both the Praise Team as well as the speaker so that they are seeing the same info the congregation is seeing.
  • Relocated the Bose sticks to the stage side walls.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Install the sanctuary light switches and replace the current panel door with something easier to access.


Adult Ministries Team (MTL – Christina Riffell)

60 Day Past Accomplishments

  • Nothing to report.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Planning women’s trip to “Abundance” conference in Fort Wayne, Sep 30th-Oct 1st.
  • Financial Peace University, starts Oct 5th.
  • Ladies Night Out, Oct 7th.


Youth Team (MTL – Amy Brandt)

60 Day Past Accomplishments

  • 180 Paintball took place on Sat, Jul 23rd.
  • 180 Resumed Wednesday, Aug 31st.
  • Kids lead worship on Sunday, Sep 11th.
  • Started Kids Club Fall Curriculum on Sunday, Sep 18th.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Start planning for the Summer 2017 Versailles Vacation Bible School.


Outreach Team (MTL – JJ Riffell)

60 Day Past Accomplishments

  • July 28th – 30th Garage sale in the gym.
  • July 30th, Funeral Dinner for Jerry Poling
  • August Back to school lunch.
  • Sept 11th, Church Picnic.
  • Sept 14th, Funeral Dinner for John Laub.

Three Month Look-Ahead

  • Bathroom and hygiene products for Versailles food bank, September.
  • Operation Shoebox, October/November.
  • Bean supper, election night, November 8th.