2020 Advance

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2020 Advance?  

2020 Advance is a program to fund the hiring of a pastor for worship and youth ministries in order to help VCC advance the Gospel in Versailles.

Why hire a full-time pastor instead of part-time?

Similar to the answer above, we believe a full-time position will allow for the greatest impact on our church and community.  With that as the goal, if we are unable to raise enough to support a full-time person, we will look at options for hiring one or two part-time pastors with the available funds.

Why youth?

God loves young people, and He loves to use young people to do great things.  Most people who come to faith in Christ do so before they become established, settled adults.  The young people of Versailles desperately need to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be led to repent and trust fully in Him.  They need to be discipled toward maturity and prepared for a lifetime of following Jesus.  Youth are not just the church of tomorrow.  They are the church of today.  We want to be used by God to accomplish all of this for their good and His glory.

How much?

$35,000 per year is budgeted for hiring a full-time pastor of worship and youth.  We believe this is a healthy amount for our target person who is a recent graduate, married or soon to be married, and looking to start a family.  This does not include benefits for insurance or retirement, but we hope to be able to provide those after three years.  Most students graduating from schools preparing them for ministry are leaving with significant student loan debt.  Many students will not feel they can make it in Versailles on this amount, but we are trusting that God is preparing the right person who will joyfully serve in Versailles and who has been prepared to do so through wise financial stewardship.

Why Three Years?

It takes a while for a new pastor to get established in a church and community.  Building relationships, building trust, and learning the way things operate all take a surprising amount of time.  Especially in the area of youth ministry, it can take a long time to build key relationships with students who then open doors to other relationships.  It also takes time to build teams of volunteers who are equipped, united, and committed to the mission.  We want to give our new pastor a high chance at success, so we’re planning on three years to get things rolling.  It is our prayer that we will not need a special pledge campaign at the end of three years.

So, am I pledging for a year or three years?

You are pledging to support 2020 Advance for three years.  For the sake of clarity and planning, we have designed the pledge cards to represent one year at a time.  If you would like to make a single contribution to cover the entire three years, you are welcome to do so.  Please communicate this clearly to the finance team.  

Which timeline is best? One-Time, Monthly, Weekly?

They are all great ways to give, so it mostly comes down to what works best for you.  If you are planning to use a tax return, harvest check, or other large income source, you may find it easiest to simply do a single yearly gift at the pre-planned time.  If you already contribute to the church regularly, you may find it best to use the same weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule to give toward 2020 Advance.  

Note: Please consider setting up automatic giving to insure that your contribution is made even if you miss church or are ill or distracted that week.  

How do I make sure my pledge money is going to the right place?

If giving via text, web, or Breeze church app, please use the electronic giving code: 2020Advance

If giving the old fashioned way, please designate on your check or envelope: 2020 Advance.

What if we don’t get enough pledged?

If we don’t get the full amount pledged, the elders will prayerfully seek to discern how God is leading us forward.  Perhaps God is lining up one or two part-time pastors to lead and serve us.  Perhaps God will raise up new volunteers to bring new life into these ministries.  God has His plans, and we will trust Him to bring them about.  We will do our best to wisely and prayerfully discern what He’s calling us to do.  If we decide not to hire someone, we will not collect pledged money.  

When should I start making contributions to 2020 Advance?

We are asking that contributions begin in February if possible.  If you are considering a one-time or yearly gift, doing so early in the year will greatly help our budgeting and planning.

Are my contributions to 2020 Advance tax deductible?

Absolutely.  When you get your year-end giving statement from VCC, your contributions to 2020 Advance will be included for your tax records.

Why hire someone instead of relying only on volunteers?

We (the elders) believe that these ministries are so vital to our success as a church, and that the need is so great, that we want to prioritize finances to hire someone who can devote all his professional time to these areas.  Though a full-time pastor will be called on to do other things in the life of the church, he will be able to give significant time to leading, loving, and equipping people in these two areas.  

Why worship?

We exist as humans for the worship and glory of God.  Our whole lives are actually acts of worship.  As a church, we need to grow in our ability to worship God with our lives, and one way that God does that is by training us in regular worship on Sunday mornings.  Worship is a whole lot more than music, but music is also a large part of worship.  We want our music and worship ministries to be strong, engaging, musically skilled, theologically rich, and effective at shaping us into God’s image for us.  We believe God will use our music ministry to glorify Himself in our worship services and prepare us to bring greater glory to Him in our day-to-day lives.  

Should I be optimistic or cautious with my pledge amount?

We suggest being realistically optimistic.  Don’t be reckless, but don’t be fearful either.  Prayerfully and carefully making a realistically optimistic pledge facilitates our ability to plan and move forward.

What are some ways of thinking through this decision?

The standard way of regular giving in the Bible is known as Percentage Priority Giving.  This means the giver gives a certain percentage of their income and makes it the priority – allocating money to it first.  When income increases, the amount given increases.  When income decreases, the amount given decreases.  The most common number associated with Percentage Priority Giving is 10% – usually referred to as a tithe.  10% is a good starting point for Christians, but it may seem like an impossible level for some.  We encourage you to prioritize a percentage and work your way up.  2020 Advance can serve you as a tool to help you move toward greater Percentage Priority Giving.  What percentage are you currently giving, and how can you increase that in order to give toward 2020 Advance?

Another way to look at this opportunity is to start with the need and ask yourself what you can do to meet the need.  If we hire someone at $35,000 / year, that works out to $2,917 / month and $673 per week.  You may want to consider funding a certain period of time or a certain proportion of the total.  

You may also find it helpful to evaluate your current discretionary giving and decide to eliminate a spending element in order to redirect that money toward 2020 Advance.  For example, do you get a fancy coffee a few times a week?  If you gave up that $5 coffee three times a week, that would come to an amazing $780 for the year.  What about a TV or streaming subscription?  

What methods can I use to give?

As with all giving to the church, you can give by check, cash, or electronically.  If paying with check or cash, please use a giving envelope and make sure you designate the correct amount to “2020 Advance.”  If paying electronically, please use the giving code, “2020Advance.”  Also, please keep in mind that electronic giving comes at a cost.  Direct bank transfers are charged a fee of 1%.  Credit / debt card payments are charged 2.9%.  This is true whether paying through the website, text, or the Breeze church app.  You can find e-giving info at http://versaillescc.com/online-giving/.

Is this in addition to my regular giving?

Yes, it is!  If you simply replace your regular giving with the 2020 Advance giving, we’ll not be able to meet the regular budget.  

What if I can’t fulfill my pledge?

Things happen and life situations change.  We understand that.  People lose jobs, families experience unexpected expenses.  We ask that you prayerfully consider the likely state of your finances over the next three years and give generously based on that.  Should your situation change, no one will hold you to your pledge.  We won’t embarrass you or pressure you.   Your pledge is not a legal contract but should be taken seriously.

When should I turn in my pledge card?

Sunday, January 19th is our date for receiving the pledge cards.  If you are unable to pledge by then and would like to pledge later, please contact Beth Serraino or Lindsey Ausborn.  If you are unable to be present on the 19th, please make special arrangements with Beth or Lindsey to return your card before then.  

What if I’m new to the church?

If you’re new to VCC, we don’t want you to feel any pressure to give.  We’re not after your money.  Rather, we are most concerned with helping you understand the amazing Gospel of Jesus Christ and find eternal life in Him.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Got Questions about our direction, hiring, etc?  Please contact one of the elders:

Nick Dimmick  937-407-0386  ndimmick@gmail.com

Rick Fennell  937-974-8354  rfen6370@gmail.com

Tim Brandt 937-644-4231 brandtswinefarms@gmail.com

Russell Wulber 419-303-8538  rlwulber@yahoo.com

Questions about money stuff?  Please contact…

Lindsey Ausborn 937-526-4194  verscc@gmail.com

Beth Serraino 513-310-7254 elizabeth.serraino@gmail.com