An Outpost is a small group of people who meet in someone’s home to grow UP, IN, and OUT. They are led by mature Christians under the direction of the Lead Pastor. Outpost gatherings cycle through rhythms of emphasis on our Three Vital Relationships:

UP: Vertical relationship with God

IN: Horizontal relationship with each other

OUT: Horizontal relationship with outsiders

Typical Outpost gatherings will focus on the UP through the study and application of God’s Word and the IN by sharing our lives together. Additionally, each group will have an OUT aspect in which they go out together on mission for Jesus. Just as each group determines their own location and schedule, they will also determine their own mission. One group may reach out to a particular neighborhood. Another group might reach out to a certain group of people. Another group may serve people with certain needs.

Each group has it’s own personality and rhythm, but they are all linked by the common study of the Sunday sermon passage. By studying the weekly sermon passage and topic, group participants get a chance to dive deeper into the Word, ask lots of questions, and apply God’s Word to their lives in ways that just can’t be done in the large group worship service on Sunday mornings.

Contact Your OUTPOST Leader

Dimmick Outpost: Nick- ndimmick@gmail.com

Wulber Outpost: Russell- rwulber@gmail.com

Fennell Outpost: Rick- rfen6370@gmail.com