We stream our services via YouTube.  You can find the live video below, on the church YouTube Page, or Facebook page.  We recommend access it via YouTube on your TV for the best experience. 

We plan to go live here at 9:55 AM.  Click the play icon on the video window to start viewing.  If you’re having trouble, try refreshing this page at 10 AM.

Current Sermon Series

Is it possible to know if you’re saved? If Jesus forgives your sin, and then you keep sinning, what then? If we are saved by grace through faith alone, then why are we called to live pure and holy lives? What does it mean to be adopted into the family of God? Why is Jesus always telling us to love each other?
Our summer sermon series is on 1st John. This short book packs a lot of punch. It will joyfully welcome you with open arms one minute and then say something that makes your head and heart spin the next. Written by Jesus’ best buddy, and the only of the 12 Apostles to make it to old age, this book is a gift to us. May it shape our church, our families, and our lives more into the image of Jesus.

Join us at 10 AM at 105 W Ward St in Versailles or online.

Last Week’s Sermon

Looking for Past Sermons? Our archive of past sermons and sermon series can be found here.

In March 2020, we started diving into what the Bible teaches about the nature of the church and how we are called to covenant with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  You are not called to go it alone.  You are called to live in covenant relationship with other Christians, leaning on them for strength, encouraging them, and growing the Kingdom of God together.